I was in agony for 6 weeks with sciatica. My GP signed me off work for 2 months. As I am 28 and work as a Drayman delivering barrels of beer to pubs. Mark was recommended to me by a family member. After 2 treatments my pain was virtually gone and I have returned to work. Thanks Alan Paterson of Hempsted, Gloucester

I have osteoarthritis of the knees. For many years I have suffered with the pain. I heard about Mark from a friend. After 3 treatments I can enjoy those walks again I never thought would be possible. Mary from Churchdown, Glos

Thank you for the help once more. Always so glad to have found someone interested and skilful in acupuncture as you are. My hands are more usable due to your help. Helen Keywood Evesham

Over the past 6 years since having my son I have been in increasing pain with my lower back, to the point that getting dressed on the morning was agony. I could not bend over to put socks or shoes on with out being in tremendous pain. I was in pain all day every day. I had explored every option and was considering surgery, I then phoned Mark at the carlton clinic and he changed my life. I cannot thank him enough. I never ever thought that I would ever be completely pain free and did not believe that it was possible, and now I am. Thank you Mark, I owe you so much.  Amanda Harper-Storey from Kemble

” Keep up the good job.”

“I’m very pleased with their attention and grateful for the success of treatment….”

“Alternative but good.  I will be back……”

“Thank you for giving me some hope of being pain free.  After one year of not knowing what the problem was, you have helped me a great deal.”


“Thanks so much – the treatment I received has helped my shoulder injury so much.  I will recommend you to everyone!”